People all over the world love traveling to Florida. Some migrate in mass hoping to flee winter months. Others come to see the sites – exposing their families to wonders of the Magical World of Disney. Retirement, family, college, business, sports – they all bring people to the Sunshine State.


They come, they play and they leave. But we remain – we inhabitants of this melting-pot remain. We’ve visited all the beaches, have annual passes to the theme parks and have cheered on the Heat and the Magic since the days of Alonzo Morning and Penny Hardaway. Then it happens: you travel. You visit that neat little venue on the strip. The vibe is exhilarating. You meet other urban professionals, much like yourself. You enjoy the conversation, laughter and music – basking in the ambiance that surrounds you. Then an artist grabs the microphone. You’ve never seen her but everyone around you is well aware of her talents. They pause with great excitement and anticipation of what is in store. She puts it down! Her voice is chilling, her energy is infectious, and her passion is breath-taking. Who is she? Why don’t I know about her? How can I get her – get this entire experience – back home? You return appreciative of the experience but longing for something more. You crave the culture, seek the atmosphere and want to recreate the vibe. You want to see more artists like the one you saw – hear more music – feel more music. The harsh reality is that you can’t.


Florida doesn’t offer anything to quench your appetite – well at least not until now. See we’ve been in this very situation time and time again. And we’re hungry. So we’re bringing it to you. We’re bringing you the culture. We’re bringing you the vibe. We’re bringing you the atmosphere. We’re bringing you…


Real People. Real Music.

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Florida doesn’t offer anything to quench your appetite – well at least not until now.


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